Per Oculos portrays the multifaceted and historical relationship of the Tarta Relena. Marta and Helena met when they were six years old, and in the course of this friendship they have created a common imaginary that they have turned to a cappella music and singing. Through anecdotes and reflections from his immediate environment, the creative process of his latest album and the origins of the project are drawn.
Tarta Relena seen by Irene Moray, Clàudia Torrents, Carme Redon, Irene Martínez, Gerard Segura, Oriol Barba, Arnau Seguí, Òscar Garrobé, Maria Arnal, Roser Casamayor and Marta Boldú.


Production company Carmel & The Indian Runners
Directed by Albert Pons
Cinematography by Albert Pons, Marc Ibáñez and Gin Torrado.