Parèntesi is a documentary recorded in Barcelona during the state of alarm and the first home confinement established as a result of the appearance of COVID-19. In this very particular context of a global pandemic, the documentary reflects on the society in which we live, linking the socio-economic dynamics of the capitalist system with the emotions they generate in us. With the participation of the economist Arcadi Oliveres, the writer Brigitte Vasallo, the professor of Political Science Joan Subirats, the activist Maria Serra, the journalist Luca Dobry, the philosopher Eurídice Cabañes, the psychologist Gisela Pi, the social educator David Vázquez and journalist and youtuber Pol Andiñach.

Documentary for BTV, 2020
Production Company Carmel
Directed by Albert Pons and Oriol Cid
Cinematography Albert Pons and Marc Ibáñez