The closure of the Macedonian border and the end of the Balkan route in late 2015, thousands of people, many of them fleeing the war, were trapped in northern Greece. The epicenter of this humanitarian crisis was in Idomeni, a small town on the border that turned into a gigantic makeshift camp. Nearly 15,000 people, 40 percent children, were crowded in this place, until the Greek government decided to dismantle it in May 2016. The harsh and precarious conditions of the families who lived in tents on the mud were joined by despair of not being able to continue their journey towards a life of security and prosperity. Faced with the inaction of European governments and large NGOs, hundreds of citizens have individually decided to pack their bags, go to the refugee camps and help as they can. Europe denies them refuge.

Documentary for Vice News and Movistar+ (2018)
Production company Vice and Goroka
Directed by Bernat Sampol and Albert Pons
Cinematography by Bernat Sampol and Albert Pons